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Maryland dedicates managers' locker room to Zach Lederer

The University of Maryland honored their former basketball manager with a stunning tribute inside the XFINITY Center.

On Thursday, the University of Maryland honored former men's basketball manager Zach Lederer, by having the new men's basketball managers' locker room inside the XFINITY Center dedicated in his memory.

Lederer, the former University of Maryland men's basketball manager, inspired thousands across the world after he had his father tweet out an image of him in his hospital bed,  flexing both of his arms, following surgery on a brain tumor. The tweet went viral, inspiring thousands across the world to take part in a phenomenon that is now known as "Zaching."

Sadly, Zach passed away this past March from brain cancer. But the University wanted to find a way to honor and remember the former student who inspired so many not only at the University, but around the world.

Some quotes, from the release linked above:

"Zach had a special zest for life," Turgeon said.  "He took on life as a champion. Zach made an immediate impact on all of our lives and countless others.  He will always be a part of us and our Maryland Basketball family."

"We are so appreciative that Zachary and all the managers will have this room to call their own," John Lederer shared.  "Zach always wanted to attend Maryland.  He wanted to be part of the basketball program and he felt this was the icing on the cake to become a team manager. This is a tremendous tribute to him."

"Zach's spirit will be in this locker room and every manager and member of our program will hear his story," Kevin Anderson said.  We will continue to keep his spirit alive and always share how much he meant to all of us."

Photos from the event, via Maryland basketball's Facebook page:



Here's a video of the dedication. You'll probably need some Kleenex after watching this one. Very classy move by all involved to make this happen.

A foundation has been created in memory of Zach. Click here for more information about  the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation.