Penn State reportedly revokes broadcast credentials for Maryland student radio


So says Dan Servodidio, a broadcaster with WMUC Sports, the student-run on-campus sports radio station. Servodidio followed up by saying their spot in the broadcast booth had been replaced by Compass Media.

Update, 4:54 p.m. WMUC football crew chief Brad Kronthal has clarified that Maryland's broadcast credentials were revoked, not their credentials at large. As a radio station, this essentially means the same thing, as broadcasting is the reason they're in the press box in the first place.

Update, 10/29:Some further research has turned up that it is not unusual for visiting team radio to lose a booth if a national radio broadcast comes in. It's unfortunate for WMUC Sports (who will still be allowed in the press box but can not broadcast), but not as bad as that tweet made it first appear.