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Terrapin Title Tracker: Terps in hunt for two B1G titles

It's the third installment of the Terrapin Title Tracker! We take a look back at the week that was in Maryland non-revenue sports and look at each team's Big Ten title chances.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Men's Soccer

Record for the week: 1-0 (win against Santa Clara)

Grade: A. Men's Soccer continues their hot streak albeit against a non-conference opponent.

Games left: The men still have two Big Ten games left on the schedule and those are Ohio State on November 1st and Rutgers on November 5th. The outcome of those games will determine whether or not the Terps still have a shot at winning or grabbing a share of the Big Ten regular season title.

Title Chances: 4 out of 5. Maryland still has a great chance to win. They need to win out and need Penn State to stumble a little at the finish

Maryland didn't have a Big Ten conference game last week so they dropped from being tied for second to fifth in the standings. A win puts them in sole possession of second place in the conference and they would be two points behind conference leader Penn State. Men's Soccer seems to have a sense of urgency right now and if they win out, they will have a chance to win the Big Ten regular season title.

Women's Soccer

Record for the week: 0-2 (losses at Minnesota and Wisconsin)

Grade: F. Women's Soccer needed results to keep their hopes of playing in the Big Ten and NCAA Tournaments alive. They are now playing themselves out of both.

Games left: At Big Ten regular season champion Penn State on Thursday

Title Chances: 0 out of 5. The Terps statistically lost the chance to win the title two weeks ago, but Penn State clinched the title on Sunday making that a moot point.

The Terps still have a hold on the eighth spot in the conference standings and that will allow them to go to the Big Ten Conference Tournament. If the Terps lose however and Northwestern (who is on a four match unbeaten streak) wins their finale against Minnesota, the Terps will be knocked off and their season will be over. Maryland needs to get a result on Thursday or their season could end in State College.

Field Hockey

Record for the week: 1-0 (win against Indiana)

Grade: A. Field Hockey continues to win and they continue to control their own destiny in the Big Ten.

Games left: Field Hockey's Big Ten finale is Friday night in College Park against Iowa

Title Chances: 5 out of 5. The Terps are tied for first in the standings and if they beat Iowa they will be guaranteed no less than a share of the Big Ten regular season title.

Michigan dropped a critical conference game so the tie is between Northwestern and Maryland. If both teams win out, they will share the regular season title and Northwestern will take the #1 seed in the conference tournament because of their head to head win against Maryland. Northwestern's last game is at Penn State who is 13-4 on the year. If Northwestern goes down and Maryland wins, the Terps will have the title all to themselves.


Record for the week: 2-0 (wins at home and on the road against Rutgers)

Grade: A+. The Terps got their first and second Big Ten conference wins and they came against the only other Big Ten team without a conference win. Even if they come against the now-official Volleyball conference doormat known as Rutgers, it is still great to go undefeated on the week and pick up their first ever Big Ten conference wins.

Games left: A lot. The link to the schedule is here.

Title Chances: 0 out of 5. The Terps beat Rutgers twice in two thrilling five-set matches but they have no chance to win the Big Ten regular season title.

It is like I said last week, the Terps aren't all that close to competing in the Big Ten yet but these two wins over the Scarlet Knights this past week sure feel nice.