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Maryland-Wisconsin final score: Terps blown out by Badgers, 52-7

After collecting a big win at home against Iowa last weekend, the Terps fell victim to a beat down at Camp Randall Stadium, losing to the Badgers.

Mike McGinnis

Maryland began the game with the ball after Wisconsin decided to defer on the coin toss, and the Terps offense went to work. The offense drove the ball into Wisconsin territory, but on fourth and twelve, a questionable call to go for it set the Badgers up with great field position for their first possession, and they took advantage. With solid running from the nation's leading rusher, Melvin Gordon, and a long pass from Joel Stave, the drive was capped off with a rushing touchdown for Gordon, putting the Badgers up 7-0 early.

The ensuing drive would yield any results, ending in a three-and-out, setting the Badgers up with good field position for the second consecutive drive. The Terps appeared to stall the drive, but a fake punt granted the Badgers another first down, keeping the drive alive. From there, the Terps buckled down, forcing a field goal, giving the Badgers a 10-0 lead in the first quarter.

Things wouldn't get better for the Terps in the first quarter, as the offense would fumble the ball following a Deon Long first down, giving the Badgers the ball in scoring position. The Badgers would pound the rock on the tired Terps defense, with the drive ending in a 1-yard score from Gordon.

After yet another stalled Maryland possession, Wisconsin would use a fourth down conversion en route to yet another touchdown, pushing the blowout to 24-0. Maryland would, yet again, fail to move the ball on offense, punting again to give Wisconsin the ball.

However, the Terps would finally force a three-and-out, giving some hope for the Maryland faithful late in the second quarter. The drive would stall, again, giving the Badgers the ball, again.

After a solid stop on defense, the Terps would ultimately head to halftime trailing by a score of 24-0, a hole tough to get out of on the road.

The Badgers would get the ball to start the half, and they went right to work, running the ball down the field into Maryland territory. However, the defense would stiffen up and stop three straight runs, forcing a punt to give the offense a chance to begin the half.

Rinse, lather, repeat: the Terps failed to get a first down on their opening drive of the second half, punting it back to the Badgers, who returned the ball into Maryland territory. On the first play of the drive, Stave hit Alex Erickson for a 47-yard touchdown, putting the likely nail in the coffin for the Terps, as they trailed 31-0.

Nothing seemed to be going right for Maryland. The offense was stagnant, the defense was tired, and the special teams couldn't get anything going positively.

To that point, the Terps totaled 72 yards total, while the Badgers had 300, giving a clear picture to the dominance on display by Wisconsin. Another failed drive by Maryland resulted in yet another punt, and the Badgers taking over on offense.

The beat down would continue for the Badgers, as with 3:31 remaining, they would put the ball in the end zone again after a few strong runs by Gordon, putting them up 38-0.

Wisconsin used Stave for most of the game, but Tanner McEvoy got his share of snaps, and he made the decision look smart, taking a 60-yard run for a touchdown in the fourth quarter to rub salt in the Terps' wounds , extending the lead to 45-0.

There wasn't much positive to take from this game for the Terps. Wisconsin kept rolling down the field, even up 45-0 with big runs and intermediate passes, taking advantage of an already gassed defense. The Badgers would roll another run into the end zone, extending their lead to 52-0 with just over four minutes remaining.

In the fourth quarter, with time running down, the Terps finally eclipsed the 100 yard mark for total offense. For the first time since the first quarter, the Terps seemed to be getting something going on offense. The offense moved the ball down the field methodically, with the drive culminating in a touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs, marking his fifth touchdown of the season.

With 57 seconds remaining in the game, the Terps kicked it deep for only the second time in the game, and the Badgers ran the clock out, giving the Badgers the victory, 52-7. The Terps will look to rebound when they take on Penn State on the road next weekend.