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3 key matchups: What to watch for in Maryland's game against Wisconsin

Can the Terps stop Wisconsin's running game?

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Melvin Gordon vs. Maryland defensive line

Maryland has had Melvin Gordon's name circled for quite some time and they finally get a chance to slow down the star running back from Wisconsin. Gordon has the second most rushing yards in the nation this year, behind Tevin Coleman of Indiana who Maryland held to a season-low 122 yards in their meeting in Bloomington. Gordon is averaging the most yards per game in the country and has 13 touchdowns in 6 games thus far. Last game, Maryland's defensive line showed a lot of promise, penetrating the quarterback time and time again despite the size and strength of Iowa's offensive line. Gordon has had a Heisman-worthy campaign so far and the winner of this matchup just might decide who leaves Wisconsin with a win.

Wisconsin defensive line vs. Maryland offensive line

I know this is about as vague as it gets, but the game begins and ends in the trenches and if Maryland can't protect C.J. Brown then they could be in for a long game. In two Big Ten games this season, Wisconsin's massive defensive line has nine sacks, including six sacks last game in a win over Illinois. In Maryland's three games in the Big Ten, the offensive line has only allowed eight sacks and has paved some solid lanes for running backs to plunge through. Last game, Maryland ran for 212 yards and three touchdowns but are facing a tougher defensive line who could get their best defensive player in Warren Herring back on the field this Saturday.

Stefon Diggs vs. Wisconsin secondary

Wisconsin will want to have all eyes on Stefon Diggs on every play because he possesses the explosiveness to score any time he touches the ball. He's scored in three straight games, entering the Big Ten in style and doesn't want to end the streak so soon. As a team, Wisconsin only has four total interceptions and their turnover margin is -3 thus far this season. However, they may have a favorable matchup against a quarterback in Brown who has thrown three interceptions in the last two games.