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Profiles in Terpage: Spencer Barks

Our series begins with a fan favorite walk-on forward.

Kevin C. Cox

Spencer Barks, Senior, Forward, No. 14

Height: 6'9

Weight: 225

Twitter: N/A

Collegiate Stats: 21 career games, 36 minutes, seven points (0.3 per game) six rebounds (0.3 per game), one block

Recruiting Ratings: N/A

Who did Maryland beat out? New Hampshire

High School: St. Albans

Hometown: Poolesville, Md.

How'd He Get to College Park?

Barks was all set to be a preferred walk-on at Maryland until head coach Gary Williams retired, throwing his plans a bit into the air. Figuring he may get lost in the shuffle (that's what happened to football player Terrance West, who ended up at Towson and is now with the Cleveland Browns), Barks explored his options and ended up visiting New Hampshire. He nearly committed, but received a call from Mark Turgeon and Dustin Clark asking him if he still wanted to come to College Park.

Alex Prewitt had a great profile on Barks in February, so go read it (he knows about his GIF and quote popularity here), but here's a money quote:

"The whole cliché Maryland, ACC basketball, you can't turn it down," Barks said. "I think when you have the opportunity to go and be the man somewhere, or you can go to a place that has great history, great traditions, being a part of the Maryland-Duke game, saying I beat Duke twice is something I could never said I did at New Hampshire, even if I got good numbers there. Being a part of a legacy like Maryland out-beats a place like New Hampshire in my opinion."

Barks hasn't played much in his time at Maryland, but he's known as an energizer on the bench, supporting his teammates and often having delightful on-camera reactions.

Career Highlight:

Dream Season:

Barks scores a basket during a game (all of his points have thus far come on free throws), and gets GIF'd on at least three different occasions.

2014-2015 Prospectus:

Maryland's front-court situation isn't exactly certain, but it's hard to imagine Barks figuring in there regularly. If young players Michal Cekovsky and Damonte Dodd struggle, we could see Barks come in for defensive or energy purposes, but expect most of his production to come from the bench and on the practice floor.

Up Next:

Our next player has been a frequent target of Barks's pranks.