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Check out Maryland basketball's new uniforms

Maryland debuted their latest Under Armour uniforms Friday evening at Maryland Madness and they are awesome.

Maryland basketball debuted their latest Under Armour uniforms Friday evening at Maryland Madness. The new uniforms appear in white, black, gold and red and boy do they look great.

Here's Dion Wiley modeling the new gold version of the uniform

And here's Melo Trimble modeling the new red version of the uniform

Here's another shot of the red uni. Note the return of the "M" to the pants, similar to the old Nike uniforms, but utilizing the new Terrafont.


Let's get this party started! #SuperB1G Maryland Madness is underway!

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It appears that a Maryland Pride theme trim will appear on all of the uniforms this season, similar to what we've seen so far in football.

While we've seen a white, red and black version of Maryland pride uniform in the past, this is the first time gold has been inforporated into the mix with the Maryland Pride theme.

Maryland brought back gold uniforms as an alternate home jersey towards the end of Gary Williams' tenure, when Maryland will still with Nike. They immediately became popular with fans and players alike. This marks the first time Maryland has used the gold uniform with the Maryland Pride theme, not just in basketball, but in any of the University's sports uniforms, at least that I've seen.

What do you all think? I love that they brought back the M on the shorts and like the subtle Maryland Pride trimming. Plus incorporating the gold into the uniform mix is a welcome addition.