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What Maryland basketball will miss from the 5 departed transfers

Reviewing what the Terps lost statistically when Seth Allen, Charles Mitchell, Shaquille Cleare, Roddy Peters and Nick Faust transferred from the university.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Seth Allen, junior, Virginia Tech

Minutes Points Assists Rebounds FG% 3P% FT% Turnovers
29.7 13.4 3.0 2.0 .406 .380 .745 1.7

Seth Allen delivered the biggest blow to Maryland's basketball program when he announced he would follow his peers and former teammates and transfer. Allen was undoubtedly the best player to transfer from the team and left the Terps with little depth in the backcourt, particularly at the point guard spot. Maryland is now forced to rely heavily on freshman Melo Trimble to be the primary ball handler, with Dez Wells chipping in when needed.

While Allen was nursing an injured left foot, Maryland averaged 14 turnovers in 12 games but when he returned for the final 20 games of the season, the Terps were more efficient, turning the ball over 12.15 times a contest. There may not be a big difference in the number by the blind eye, but looking deeper, cutting the average in turnovers a game by two while playing tougher competition as conference play started is quite a feat.

Charles Mitchell, junior, Georgia Tech

Minutes Points Assists Rebounds FG% FT% Blocks Turnovers
18.8 6.5 0.3 6.3 .517 .329 0.5 1.3

In what was the last of the transferring fiasco that flooded Maryland, Charles Mitchell is returning to his hometown team to be close to his ailing grandmother. Mitchell provided a lot of energy and charisma down in the paint. Had it not been for a greased rim in Cameron Indoor, Mitchell would have been remembered as the legend that sunk the game-winning shot in the last ever conference battle against Duke, but is instead leaving the university for the Peach State.

Let's not harp on his free throw percentage and look at his rebounding efficiency. He gave Maryland plenty of second chances, averaging 2.6 offensive rebounds a game and statistics suggest he would have averaged 13.5 boards a game had he played 40 minutes at the same efficiency. Coincidentally, Mitchell is heading to Georgia Tech from Maryland while power forward Robert Carter, Jr. is heading from Georgia Tech to Maryland in what looks like a transfer trade the Terps will accept any day.

Nick Faust, senior, Long Beach State

Minutes Points Assists Rebounds FG% 3P% FT% Turnovers
27.4 9.4 2.0 3.7 .384 .301 .731 1.8

The Baltimore native Nick Faust is traveling more than 3,000 miles away from his backyard to play for Long Beach State. The winger added experience and quality minutes and would have likely fought for a starting job with Jake Layman. Faust's progression took a standstill season to season and he never quite flourished as many locals anticipated but still put up 9.3 points per game in his three seasons in a Maryland uniform.

Faust's field goal percentages reflected his ill-advised shot selection last season. He didn't shoot particularly well from anywhere on the court and was too quick to shoot when a hand was in his face. However, he was an important piece to Maryland's struggling offense and it will be tough for freshman Dion Wiley to step into the program and fill the needs Faust and company left behind.

Roddy Peters, sophomore South Florida

Minutes Points Assists Rebounds FG% 3P% FT% Turnovers
15.1 4.1 2.1 1.3 .407 .111 .644 1.8

The sophomore from Suitland left Maryland to head to sunny South Florida after just one year in the program. Peters shooting woes were obvious and are shown in his near 40 percent field goal percentage. He was smart in his shot selection and knew the faults in his game but often forced passes down low to the big men. Peters had great creativity and was explosive off the screen and exhibited great vision for such a young prospect. He was a bit careless with the ball at times, but if he worked at his ball handling, he would have been a big time contributor for the Terps this season.

Peters saw his minutes slashed come conference play, which is likely why he's on his way out.

Shaquille Cleare, junior, Texas

Minutes Points Assists Rebounds FG% FT% Blocks Turnovers
13.8 3.0 0.3 2.5 .565 .586 0.4 0.7

Shaq Cleare is returning to his home state of Texas to represent the Longhorns in the paint. The junior was another part of Mark Turgeon's inaugural recruiting class on its way to another school. The big man averaged just 3 points per game despite starting most games. He saw a very small minutes increase from freshman to sophomore year and was outplayed more often than not by fellow counterpart Charles Mitchell. He was a strong asset down low and was dangerous when he shot the ball, converting on 56 percent of his shots.

Cleare didn't have good enough hands in the paint to receive the crafty passes Roddy Peters delivered. He was also tunnel-visioned in the lane and it seemed as if every time he touched the ball, he was going to shoot regardless of what the defense gave him. However, he was a big body and this upcoming season, Maryland will look to freshman Michal Cekovsky and sophomore Damonte Dodd to fill the void of size and strength.

As a whole

The five transfer players contributed:

36.4 points per game, good for 51 percent of the points Maryland averaged last season (71 points per game).

7.7 assists per game, good for 64 percent of the assists Maryland averaged last season (12 assists per game).

15.8 rebounds per game, good for 41 percent of the rebounds Maryland averaged last season (38 rebounds per game).

3.4 steals per game, good for 56 percent of the steals Maryland averaged last season (7 steals per game).

1.9 blocks per game, good for 47 percent of the blocks Maryland averaged last season (4 blocks per game).

7.3 turnovers a game, enough for 56 percent of total turnovers averaged last season (13 turnovers per game).

Maryland shot:

73 percent from free throw without the transfers, 70 percent with the transfers

35.2 percent from three without the transfers, 34.2 percent with the transfers

42.5 percent field goal percentage without the transfers, 43 percent with the transfers.

The transfers played:

46.3 percent of the minutes for Maryland this season, totaling 2,998 minutes out of 6,476 total.

20.96 minutes per game on average.

In every game and combined for 69 starts.