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University of Maryland signs 10-year extension with Under Armour

The Maryland-UA partnership will continue until at least 2024.

Rob Carr

The University of Maryland Athletic Department had agreed to a 10-year extension on their contract with Under Armour, according to Sports Pro Media. The Baltimore based company founded by Maryland alumnus Kevin Plank has outfitted the Terrapin sports teams since 2008. The new deal is reportedly worth $34 million, or $3.4 million annually -- a slight increase from the approximately $3.38 million Maryland took in annually during the previous deal.

Famously, Plank started selling microfiber shirts out of his grandmother's basement and the trunk of his car shortly after graduating from Maryland. He was a special teams player on the Terps' football team and, legend has it, was sick of how sweaty the t-shirts he wore under his equipment would get, leading to the development of the first Under Armour under shirts.

Maryland is the flagship school and one of 19 current universities sponsored by UA. While almost all the schools have seen some unique uniforms come through the company, Maryland has benefitted the most.

The partnership between the company and the school produced the popular "Maryland Pride" campaign which saw all of the Terps sports teams wear uniforms prominently displaying the Maryland state flag.