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Video: Dez Wells slams down ferocious dunk against Georgia Tech

Relive the guard's big slam over and over again with this video.

Maryland beat Georgia Tech with relative ease Saturday afternoon, and the Terrapins looked like a completely different team offensively. With Seth Allen back, Maryland has a consistent ball handler at the point guard position, and the flow of the offense actually makes sense for seemingly the first time this season.

That was apparent early on, when Dez Wells showed a phenomenal burst of speed to slam home this dunk, spurring Maryland on an early run. He got fouled on the play and made the free throw.

Wells scored just 11 points on the game, and Maryland showed an ability to put up points without Wells or Jake Layman (six points) scoring big numbers. Wells also contributed three rebounds and two assists with just one turnover, while Nick Faust led all scorers with an impressive 16 points.

Maryland's next game is a tough one, as they travel to face new (and brief) ACC rival Pittsburgh.