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Maryland vs. Georgia Tech - Gamethread

Come talk with us as Maryland plays their second ACC game of the season, taking on Georgia Tech in College Park.


We'll be saying this a lot over the next few months, but this will be the last time Georgia Tech will be visiting College Park for the foreseeable future. I've always enjoyed playing Tech in basketball. They've had some good teams over the years and when I think of them, I still remember the nine-team ACC that was by far my favorite.

Here's a little background reading for you to enjoy prior to tip off:

So lets get down to some predictions, shall we?

Who is today's leading scorer for Maryland?

What will Georgia Tech's center, Daniel Miller, final stat line be?

How many points will Seth Allen have? Assists?

Does Nick Faust have another great game?

Will Shaq Cleare play well after coming off the bench the last two games?

Final score? Does Maryland move to 2-0 in ACC play?

And, per request, a random, baseless prediction - Jonathan Graham has a monster block that sparks a big run for Maryland.