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Maryland Minute: 1.3.14 - Welcome back Wes Brown

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It appears Wes Brown will be rejoining Maryland next season.

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

Suspended RB Wes Brown returning to Maryland this month
Maryland's running back is back in the fold.

Entering 2014, Terps still struggling to find front-court consistency
Front court by committee as Maryland tries to find some consistency.

Terps’ Tshuma signs with MLS
Schillo Tshuma is leaving Maryland two years early to enter the MLS draft. Best of luck to him.

Maryland Terps 2014 New Year's Resolutions - Baltimore Sports Report - Baltimore Sports Report
Baltimore Sports Report takes a look at what Maryland's 2014 new year's resolutions should be.

Friendship Collegiate football residency investigation deemed ‘inconclusive’ - The Washington Post
After investigating the residency and eligibility of four students at Friendship Collegiate, the DCSAA has closed its investigation into the players after its findings were ‘inconclusive.’

Maryland, North Dakota governors engage in adorable, low-stakes bet, North Dakota mails it in - SB Nation

Well, one team from Maryland is playing in a football NCAA championship. Best of luck to Towson on Saturday. And really North Dakota? You're betting a case of low-carb pasta vs. Maryland crabcakes? Are you joking? That's like betting a case of Natty Light vs. a case of Dogfish 120.