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Maryland-Miami Game Thread

Talk Terps basketball with us as Maryland takes on the Hurricanes in College Park.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight Maryland will welcome Miami to the Comcast Center for what is the final matchup between the two schools, at least for the foreseeable future. This is a very winnable game for Maryland, and in my estimation one that they absolutely have to win to try to pick up any momentum heading into games against higher quality ACC opponents. The game isn't until 9, but we figured we'd get a jump start on the conversation.

Last time we saw our Terps they lost by four to Pittsburgh, a team which is sitting near the top of the ACC and ranked in the top 20. No loss is a good loss, but Maryland seemed to compete in the game, which is more than can be said in some other games this season. Maryland didn't have too much trouble scoring, putting up 79 points against a team ranked 12th in the country in scoring defense, only giving up 60.2 points per game. Instead, the problems came in the form of rebounding, interior defense, turnovers and fouls.

Tonight Maryland will face a team which ranks even better than Pittsburgh in scoring defense, placed tenth in the country giving up 59.3 points per game. However, this Miami team is not as good as the Pittsburgh team Maryland faced last weekend and the Terps can bring home the W tonight, especially playing in College Park. But a loss tonight wouldn't be the first time Maryland dropped a home game against a team they could have beat this season.

Here are some links to check out before watching the game tonight:

Tell us what your predictions for the Terps versus the ‘Canes are in the comments.