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Maryland Minute 1.29.14: Ralph Friedgen hired as Rutgers offensive coordinator

Reports indicate Ralph Friedgen will become the next Rutgers offensive coordinator, fan attendance at football and basketball games improves, and Jake Layman needs to keep his mean streak.


Ralph Friedgen to Rutgers makes Big Ten even more awkward for Maryland -
Friedgen, the Scarlet Knights' offensive coordinator, joins James Franklin as former coaches Maryland will face in the Big Ten next season. Congrats to Friedgen, who has always been a fantastic mind and deserves this opportunity. I hope he does well, in all non-Maryland games. --PV

Terps sports attendance increases vs past season - The Diamondback : Campus
Maryland football had a 15 percent increase in overall attendance, with an 18 percent increase from students. The basketball team has a slight increase as well.

Layman needs to channel Agressive Jake for the Terps to have success
Jake Layman looks like a different player when he plays aggressively. Hopefully Layman's Mr. Hyde personality is here to stay, especially with Miami coming to Comcast Center this evening.

All Players United: How college football players are following baseball's model -
Former Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter is leading his former teammates in an attempt to unionize college athletes.

The 5 hardest college football positions to recruit
Recruiting college football players is very difficult. SB Nation breaks down why certain positions are harder to fill than others (hint - good offensive linemen are hard to find!)