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Maryland Minute - 1.17.14 - Meet the new coaches

Edsall loves his new assistants, there are football players in Maryland, and film study on a big shot.


Randy Edsall discusses ‘three great additions’ to Terps’ coaching staff
These seem to be three really good additions to the staff. A mix of NFL experience and long time college coaches. For my money the best of the bunch is DeGuglielmo. His lines in the NFL were known as straight maulers.

Where Football Players Call Home
An interactive map of where college football players come from. You can even sort by school. The DMV is quite the hotbed it seems.

What Does Maryland Countersuit Mean For UConn? - The UConn Blog

We've covered the countersuit from every Maryland/ACC/B1G angle but it's interesting to look at the ripple effects the outcome could have on the rest of the college athletics community.

Breaking down Faust's game clinching 3 - Testudo Times

Our friend coldrushy delivers with a fantastic FanPost, breaking down one of the biggest plays in Maryland's win over Notre Dame. I was watching in a bar two blocks from the Verizon Center and I was one of three guys watching the Maryland game while everyone else was watching the Wizards. I made the sound "guuhhhNAAAA" when Nick made that shot. People looked. My girlfriend pretended she didn't know me.

Alex Len is now slightly poorer

Not cool NBA, not cool at all.