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Maryland basketball releases new uniforms for Notre Dame

They're white, with some questionable text in the middle.


A lesson in abbreviation. If your mascot name is "Terrapins," you should probably do everything in your power to avoid a situation in which the name starts at the second "r." For example!

So, yes, the numbers certainly look like they say "Rapins" in the middle, which is less than ideal. The other text inside commemorates the team's accomplishments over the years, which is absolutely cool and ideal.

Here's a look at the back, via Under Armour.

Other than that, they look...fine? All that was teased was that the uniforms would be white, and we came up with some options when learning of that (personally, Riddler Ops and a symbolic white flag were my favorites).

The Maryland official account says the Terps are #ARMOURED, which I assume just means Under Armour made them (thanks, Mr. Plank!), and "every stitch tells a story." From here, it's hard to see exactly what that story is, but if it's anything like the helmets, I would guess that means they're hand-made.

Maryland will wear the uniform Wednesday night at home against Notre Dame.

Here's Todd's take, which was too pun-tastic to pass up:

I won't say the idea is all wet but if the plan was to make a splash diving into Wednesday night's uniform debut, the Terps ripped the water from the ten meter platform rather than hitting it with a cannonball. As they contemplate their scores, the judges seem to be torn between the high degree of difficulty for fans understanding what these uniforms are about and the blah telegenic factor.

Here are the shirts students will receive:

Finally, a reminder to the "focus on winning the games, not what you're wearing" crowd: completely different people are involved in those two aspects. The players and coaches do not actually spend time designing or choosing uniforms for the games.