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Testudo Times Staff Roundtable: Time for Seth Allen to start?

Also, where does James Franklin end up?

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Q: The next four games are pretty important to Maryland basketball -- with four teams (likely) ahead of them in a postseason pecking order -- what is your minimum record over the next four games?

Andrew: I'd be okay with 2-2 and doing a dance if we go 3-1.

Pete: I expect 2-2, so I guess that's the minimum, but the team really needs to go 3-1.

Alex: They probably need to go 3-1, which is going to be hard. I'm expecting 2-2.

Lee: I'm hoping for 2-2, but realistically, I see 1-3.

Molly: If we still want keep any shot at the tournament, I think we need to go 3-1. But I also am expecting 2-2.

Brendan: 2-2 is the minimum, 3-1 would help for the tourney. 4-0 would be immense. I see 2-2 out of these games. I don't think Pittsburgh is a good matchup, and the other three are obviously tough, but I see two wins there in some fashion.

FlaTerp: They'd have to go at least 3-1 to be taken seriously at this point. That ain't happening.

Q: Do you expect Seth Allen to crack the starting lineup, and if so, when?

Andrew: Don't start him until he is fully healthy. The last thing this team needs is Seth reinjuring himself. He's been good off the bench so no need to rush him into more minutes.

Pete: Yep, and soon. I would say either the Notre Dame game or at NC State is his return to the starting lineup.

Alex: It has to be soon, doesn't it? He's a better player than Roddy Peters at the moment.

Lee: I don't think Allen will start until the Pittsburgh game. He played 26 minutes against Pittsburgh (Layman led the team with 27 minutes); I don't see anyone playing more than 33-34 minutes per game based on Turgeon's substitution patterns, so whether he starts or not probably does not matter - he will get plenty of burn.

Molly: I believe during the broadcast of the Pitt game the announcer said Turgeon said Seth would probably start on Saturday, so that's my guess.

Brendan: Like Alex and Pete, I think it has to be soon. Sooner the better -- and this is no offense to Roddy Peters.

FlaTerp: He's a starter, but Roddy Peters is a starter too. Take Smo' or Layman out, put Allen in.

Q: Which player is a bigger concern right now: Jake Layman, Dez Wells or Evan Smotrycz?

Andrew: I'll say Dez. Everything works off of him. When is getting to and finishing at the rim Smotrycz and Layman get more open looks. It was disconcerting to see Dez miss so many shots around the rim that he usually makes against Pitt.

Pete: In recent games, it has to be Layman. He's missing a lot of shots and is continually showing a lack of ability (or the plays aren't allowing him) to create his own shots.

Alex: Layman, as a player, isn't a concern. What's concerning is that he isn't getting the ball nearly as much as he had been earlier in the year (though his play has lagged with tougher competition). Smotrycz doesn't worry me, because you need to expect that three-point shooters will go hot and cold at points throughout the season. Wells, though, hasn't looked right, and the Terps need a lot more from him.

Lee: Smotrycz is most worrying on the defensive end. He just doesn't have the quickness to guard ACC opponents. Offensively, if teams can neutralize Wells the way Pittsburgh did, finding points will be a struggle.

Molly: I'd say Layman. Smotrycz, despite his defensive flaws, has proven he can provide instant offense and has been much more consistent offensively than Layman. I'm not really concerned about Dez. Layman's tendency to completely disappear is definitely a big concern, and the Terps are going to need him to step up if they're going to make any noise this season.

Brendan: Smotrycz, if only because I can consistently prove I can spell his name correctly without looking it up. Honestly though, Smotrycz played a solid first half against Pitt, but the second half was brutal. Wells and Layman struggled, but they didn't struggle as mightily as he did.

FlaTerp: Layman, just because he has so much potential and it's just not working right now. I think his role needs to change.

Q: Your prediction for the Florida State game:

Andrew: Maryland 70, FSU 63. The 63 was intentional.

Pete: Maryland 62, FSU 57.

Alex: Florida State 70, Maryland 67.

Lee: FSU 60, Maryland 51

Molly: Maryland 65, Florida State 62.

Brendan: These games are always close and feels like they come down to the final possession. Maryland 68, Florida State 67.

FlaTerp: Florida State is better coached, they're big, and they play good D. Unless Maryland has an unconscious 3-point game, the Terps are going down, 68-55.

Q: Ultimately, where do you see James Franklin ending up?

Andrew: Penn State, but is it okay to say I don't really care? If he goes there it's just another good coach at a good program. Penn State is almost always going to be a good program and almost always going to have a good coach. I think Maryland is fine either way. They will win sometimes and we will win sometimes.

Pete: I would be shocked if he's not at Penn State by the end of the weekend.

Alex: Penn State, no doubt.

Lee: I think some NFL teams are talking to Franklin right now, or he would have taken the job as soon as it was (allegedly) offered. I'd put odds at 90% PSU, 10% NFL.

Molly: I think he's Penn State bound.

Brendan: If I had filled this out Thursday, I would have said the NFL (maybe Tennessee?) But with proof like this, how can I go against Penn State?