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Maryland Minute - 1.10.13 - New name emerges for O-Line coach position

A wild Dave DeGuglielmo appears! Also bad Terps defense and Franklin news.

Rob Carr

It looks like real names are starting to pop up in the search for a new offensive line coach, if this report is to be believed.

So who is Dave DeGuglielmo? According to his very short Wiki page DeGuglielmo was born and raised in Massachusetts. He played his college ball at Boston University and coached the O-line at BU, UCONN (for the two years before Edsall got there), South Carolina, the New York Giants, the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets.

Seems like this would be a quality hire. Here is more on the potential future Terp coach.

New York Jets fire offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo -

The story of Dave DeGuglielmo's departure from the Jets.

Some Choice Words from a Jets Coach -

DeGuglielmo apparently had a strained relationship with the New York Media. Thus ends our deep dive into Dave DeGuglielmo news.

In non-DeGuglielmo news (I like typing DeGuglielmo).

Terps basketball film review: Defensive problems vs. Pittsburgh

Prewitt breaks down film from the Pitt game. Spoiler: Maryland's defense was not very good.

Why Penn State's deal with James Franklin is taking so long and how Vandy could conceivably sabotage it |

If you care about the James Franklin to Penn State Saga this will interest you. Techincally, James Franklin is still Vanderbilt's coach because Penn State has some I's to dot and T's to cross. In the meantime, it's conceivable, though not probable, a deal in principle could come undone.