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VIDEO: Highlights from Maryland's 47-10 win over Old Dominion

Relive the Terps' second win of the season.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland took care of business Saturday, dispatching the visiting Old Dominion Monarchs with ease thanks to the continued versatility of the Terrapin offense. Via the Maryland athletics department, we now have official highlights from the game.

Some highlights:

  • You get to see Brandon Ross run all over the place again.
  • At about :50 seconds in, Stefon Diggs's ridiculous catch takes place. I suggest you watch it over and over.
  • At about 1:12, Diggs's improbable screen pass touchdown is there for your viewing pleasure.
  • My favorite part? At 1:37, when an Old Dominion defender simply shakes his head after being completely fooled by Diggs. GIFmasters, get on that.
  • Right after that is Albert Reid's 27-yard touchdown run. Dude has some serious moves.