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Maryland football schedule: Non-conference set through 2019

Maryland gives dates for out-of-conference opponents and adds Syracuse, Temple and Towson.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland football's non-conference schedule has been set through 2019, with Syracuse, Temple and Towson being added to the schedule. For those asking what is new here - besides those three games, there are now dates for the out-of-conference games.

Here's how Maryland's non-conference schedule looks over the next few years:


Aug. 30 James Madison

Sept. 6 @ South Florida

Sept. 13 West Virginia

Sept. 20 @ Syracuse


Sept. 5 Richmond

Sept. 12 Bowling Green

Sept. 19 South Florida

Sept. 26 @ West Virginia

Starting in 2016, B1G schools will only play three non-conference games.


Sept. 3 Howard

Sept. 10 @ FIU

Sept. 17 @ West Virginia


Sept. 2 @ Texas

Sept. 9 Towson

Sept. 23 West Virginia


Sept. 1 Texas (@ Fed Ex)

Sept. 8 @ Bowling Green

Sept. 15 Temple


Aug. 31 Bowling Green

Sept. 14 @ Temple

Sept. 21 Syracuse

Some notes:

  • Previously scheduled games with UCF are likely to be pushed back to open slots in 2020 and 2021.
  • The B1G has reportedly been asking schools to cease scheduling FCS opponents. Maryland already had contracts with the four they play over the next four years (which are all local schools), and are thus off the hook, so to speak.
  • In terms of the three-out-of-conference-game schedule, it appears Maryland's plan is two non-power schools and one power school (it's up to you guys to decide where Temple and Syracuse fit in there).