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Terpbag 9.3 - Talking Maryland's chances against FSU and Clemson and new uniforms

Our weekly Terpbag tackles a whole lot of football questions.

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Welcome back to the Terpbag. Let's get right to it.


Will Kenneth Goins remain the starting fullback even when Tyler Cierski returns from injury?

This is an excellent question. I think so - when I talked to running backs coach Andre Powell at Media Day he seemed very disappointed in how Cierski was practicing, and said that Goins was pushing him for the spot. Goins obviously caught a touchdown against FIU, but outside of that he's played very well in practice and did a very good job blocking in the game.


How realistic is a 4-0 start?

Pretty realistic. Old Dominion and UConn should be fairly easy wins, and Maryland looks like a better team than West Virginia. At this point, it's just a question of executing when they need to - which has not been a guarantee for the Terps.


Will Jacquille Veii start to receive more touches on offense?

I would think so, eventually, but that has less to do with Veii's performance against FIU and more with what he saw all camp. Veii put up the best stat line against the Panthers, but played against their second unit while Ross actually ran quite well with the first team (his stats were skewed by bad reads from C.J. Brown). Veii is very talented, and it will be interesting to see where they fit him in this year.


Will Will Likely eventually push Isaac Goins for the nickel corner spot? (He played very well yesterday, minus the muffed punt)

Honestly? I don't think so. That has nothing to do with Likely's ability - he's tremendous - it's just Isaac Goins is a really, really good nickel corner. Likely will get a lot of playing time at defensive back, but it would take a whole lot for him to supplant the senior.


What do you think of Arsenal acquiring Ozil? No? okay, After watching how well Maryland did and how poorly some of our future opponents did, how have your expectations changed for the season? Am I alone in thinking 9 wins is a real possibility? or is this mostly just overreaction?

I wouldn't say my expectations changed, because the FIU result was close to what I expected, but it was certainly encouraging. Since the start, I thought somewhere between seven to nine wins was where Maryland would fall, and while the first game may have swayed my thoughts closer to the latter number, I'm not comfortable zoning in from that range.

And go Gunners.


When is your pick for the new Unis to show their faces?

West Virginia. National television, big stadium, big game.


Can we realistically expect the Terps to beat FSU or Clemson, which would be the biggest win for the Terps since BC in 2008, and what would this team have to do to stay close and potentially beat one of those two?

With Deon Long and Stefon Diggs, Maryland can beat anybody. Should that be a realistic expectation? No, especially not after what we've seen from those two teams so far. In terms of what they'd have to do to stay close - play perfectly, in every aspect of the game. That's the only way they have a shot.


Logan received the special teams game ball last week, and is expected to make an impact this season. If you're asking why he's not starting, it's because Cole Farrand and L.A. Goree are really, really good. Logan is expected to take over as soon as one of them leaves.

Thanks again, and be sure to send all your Terp questions (for any sport) to