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Maryland Stock Report: Stocks soaring after another blowout win

As Maryland heads into a bye, we take a look at whose stock is up or down before their biggest test of the season next week against Florida State.

Rob Carr

37-0. Regardless of how the rest of the season plays out, remember how this 4-0 start felt. Maryland football matched their number of wins from last season, and doubled their 2011 output. Stocks are soaring across the board, and I'm really struggling to find any players that are... well, struggling.

Stock Rising:

DB A.J. Hendy -- Monstrous day defensively for Hendy. No matter where he lined up or what he was asked to do, it seemed like he could do no wrong. He had the pick-six to really open the game up and added two fumble recoveries.

K Brad Craddock -- A huge day for the Aussie in front of his parents who flew all the way to see him. Best of all, he said he had never really kicked in the rain before! His 50-yard FG would have been good from 60.

LB L.A. Goree -- Goree led the team in tackles on Saturday and forced a fumble. He was all over the field shutting down the Mountaineers.

P Nate Renfro -- He averaged 51.2 yards per punt in the rain and downed two of his punts inside the 20. One of his punts was a whopping 64 yards. Renfro helped make up for some of Maryland's poor field position early.

Stock Holding Steady:

QB C.J. Brown -- It wasn't his best game, but he didn't need to have one. I was a little worried seeing him run the ball in the second half with a big lead, but hey, I'm not a coach.

WR Deon Long -- Long led the team in receiving with 6 catches for 98 yards and also added an 18-yard end around. Long did get injured in the game, but played through the pain and had a solid day.

Stock Down:

Punt Returners -- Both Stefon Diggs and Will Likely muffed a punt and combined for -1 yard on three punts. Neither could get going in the rain. Can we avoid rain in the future? Is that possible? No? Shoot.

Offensive Line -- It was a rough day for Maryland's running game. Maryland averaged 2.5 yards per carry on the day, and while the rain did attribute to this, the offensive line wasn't opening up holes for the running game. West Virginia had nine tackles for loss and two sacks. Not a good day, at all, for the offensive line.

Who is trending up, down or holding steady in your eyes?