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Maryland Minute - 9.26.13 - Edsall talks hot start, direction of program

Randy Edsall joined an ESPNU podcast to talk about the past has shaped this team's present.

Rob Carr

ESPNU College Football - ESPN
This time it's Randy Edsall who joins an ESPNU podcast. He talks about Maryland's 4-0 start, recruiting, injuries, and the direction of the program.

ACC quarter pole - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
Maryland is listed as "Best Surprise - Maryland's Hot Start." I'm not surprised the team started 4-0, but I am surprised they did so in as dominating a fashion as they did.

Jacob Susskind, Maryland men’s basketball team raise awareness for ovarian cancer
Really awesome story about Jacob Susskind and his mom. His mom beat ovarian cancer several years ago and since then they've helped raise around $600,000 to go towards spreading awareness.

Should the Terps football team be nationally ranked? -
Jeff Barker says Maryland hasn't been tested enough to know yet if it belongs among the nation's Top 25 teams.

Maryland football team visits Children’s Hospital in Baltimore
More on the hospital visit that Edsall and several players made, and that Brendan Plutschak shared about in this Fan Post.