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Maryland Minute - 9.25.13 - Turgeon, Gary, Lefty talk Cole Field House

Maryland coaches past and present talk about the decision to host Maryland Madness at Cole.

Jamie Squire

ESPNU College Basketball Podcast - ESPN
Mark Turgeon was one of four college coaches on ESPU's College Basketball podcast yesterday. He talks about a range of topics including preseason practice, this season's schedule and individual players.

Mark Turgeon wants to play in Cole Field House once each season
Also on the podcast, Turgeon revealed he hopes the Terps can play a regular season at Cole every year.

Lefty Driesell, Gary Williams talk about Maryland Madness at Cole Field House -
Lefty and Gary weigh in on the news that Maryland Madness will be at Cole this year.

A much-awaited return - The Diamondback : Men's Basketball
More on the news that Maryland Madness will be at Cole.

With career outing against West Virginia, Maryland safety A.J. Hendy’s big moment finally arrived
A.J. Hendy talks about his big day.

NOTEBOOK: Terps talk on rivalry after win; Edsall wants to limit mistakes on offense - The Diamondback : Football
Edsall talks about the offensive penalties on Saturday that he says need to get cleaned up.

Men's Soccer: Todd recaps last night's tie with ODU

You can check out Todd's summary of las night's hard fought draw with Old Dominion.