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Ranking the ACC: Terps holding steady

There were three very good conference games, a bunch of blowouts and .... Wake Forest. #goacc

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Thankfully Funroe wasn't on anyone's schedule this week, but Wake Forest still had to deal with Army. Maryland and Virginia Tech unveiled uniforms that were received on opposite ends of the spectrum. All-in-all, not a bad week for the ACC.

1. Clemson (1) -- 3-0 (1-0 in ACC) -- Last Week: 26-14 win over NC State

I'm not going to punish Clemson for a close victory over NC State. The game was never really in jeopardy for the Tigers and if you think beating Bethune-Cookman by 48 is enough to jump to number one, you're sorely mistaken. Tahj Boyd was far from perfect, but the bigger concern is why Dabo Swinney was running their Heisman-candidate quarterback with three minutes to go and the game squarely in hand?

2. Florida State (2) -- 3-0 (1-0 in ACC) -- Last Week: 54-6 win over Bethune-Cookman

10/19 for 148 yards and 2 touchdowns for Jameis Winston almost feels like a disappointment against such inferior competition. The game was never in doubt, much like the Seminoles chances of staying at number two.

3. Georgia Tech (3) -- 3-0 (2-0 in ACC) -- Last Week: 28-20 win over UNC

Georgia Tech's triple-option dominated the time of possession versus UNC (40:38 to 19:22) and the Yellow Jackets scored 21 unanswered points to hold on to the win at home. Vad Lee had a quiet day on the ground, and they still found running room with their backs.

4. Miami (4) -- 3-0 (0-0 in ACC) -- Last Week: 77-7 win over Savannah State

I can't believe this line was 55 points to open up. Anyway, people complain because I have Georgia Tech ahead of Miami. Florida, who I don't think is as great as people say, is a great win for the Canes. However, they've played no one else, and Florida should have won that game if not for Jeff Driskel being Jeff Driskel.

5. Maryland (5) -- 4-0 (0-0 in ACC) -- Last Week: 37-0 win over West Virginia

Seven game losing streak snapped. Quiet game from Diggs? No problem. Long and Diggs both missing time to injury? No problem. #BeatEmDown

6. Virginia Tech (7) -- 3-1 (0-0 in ACC) -- Last Week: 29-21 win over Marshall

This is where it starts to go downhill quick. They didn't lose, but they didn't look good either. The elite defense of Virginia Tech surrendered 361 yards of offense to the Thundering Herd in the pouring. The running game returned, finally, but just in time to see the defense get gashed (at times) by Rakeem Cato.

7. NC State (6) -- 2-1 (0-1 in the ACC) -- Last Week: 26-14 loss to Clemson

There's no shame in losing to Clemson, not even at home. They moved the ball on offense, and if not for costly turnovers may have kept the game closer. But as we all know, turnovers are killer, especially against superior opponents.

8. Pitt (11) -- 2-1 (1-1 in the ACC) -- Last Week: 58-55 win over Duke

It was an unbelievable day, literally, for the Pitt offense. They put up nearly 600 yards of offense. QB Tom Savage had 400+ passing yards and 6 TDs. They had a 175-yard rusher and two 150-yard receivers. The offense has come around since the Florida State game, and maybe it's time to give the Panthers a little more credit.

9. North Carolina (8) -- 1-2 (0-1 in the ACC) -- Last Week: 28-20 loss to Georgia Tech

They've lost to the two quality opponents they've played so far. They have a lot of talent and have kept the two games close. I'm just not sure if I should (or can) drop them any lower for now.

10. Boston College (9) -- 2-1 (1-0 in the ACC) -- Last Week: Idle

The Eagles had the week off and only got leap-frogged by Pitt, not a bad week.

11. Virginia (12) -- 2-1 (0-0 in the ACC) -- Last Week: 49-0 win over VMI

Kevin Parks went off against VMI, leading the team in receiving and had 135 yards on the ground.

12. Duke (10) -- 2-2 (0-2 in ACC) -- Last Week: 58-55 loss to Pitt

It's tough to lose at home, especially in a shootout like that. It was easily the most entertaining game of the weekend and the Blue Devils put up a good fight in the fourth quarter to almost complete the comeback.

13. Syracuse (13) -- 2-2 (0-0 in ACC) -- Last Week: 52-17 win over Tulane

Let's be clear, the Green Wave are not good. Also, to be clear, Nick Montana is still in school? How? I have no idea. It feels like he's be in college for the better part of a decade.

14. Wake Forest (14) -- 2-2 (0-1 in ACC) -- Last Week: 25-11 win over Army

I really thought Wake Forest was going to blow this game when Army lead 11-10 in the third quarter. Then Josh Harris took over and scored two touchdowns and put the team on his back.

Leave your rankings below, or feel free to disagree with mine in the comments. As always, #goacc.