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GameThread: Maryland vs. West Virginia

Terps looking to go 4-0 as they take on rival West Virginia at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore

Under Armour

Maryland and West Virginia square off in Baltimore in a game that could be impacted by rain (go check the's on the way). The Terps have created a buzz around this game when they debuted the latest version of their pride uniforms on Thursday. Now they're Armoured and ready to break their seven game losing streak to the Mountaineers.

Time for some predictions:

How does Maryland's secondary perform without McDougle?

How will the offense perform against the best defense they've seen so far this season?

How will the rain impact the game?

Who gets the (archived) game ball after the game?

Who leads the team in tackles?

Receiving yards?


And when the clock hits zero, what's the final score going to be?

My answers - Some growing pains but overall well, pretty good as long as they don't commit the same mistakes they did against Connecticut, if it impacts anyone, I think WVU's freshman QB will be hurt more by the rain, CJ Brown, Farrand, Diggs, Brown. 34-24, but the rain might keep that lower.