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GameThread: Maryland at Connecticut in Edsall Bowl II

Join us to talk Edsall Bowl II.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland travels to Connecticut for their first road game of the year, as Randy Edsall squares off against a Husky program he essentially built.

Some of you have been using the How to Watch thread for open college football thoughts -- it's completely up to you guys whether you want to move that here or keep it there. Both should be in the layout through the game (unless something unexpected happens).

Time for predictions to start things off:

Who leads the team in receiving?


Total touchdowns?


How many times does ESPN3 cut out?

And finally, the final score.

For me, I'm going Long, Ross, Brown, Goree, 3, and, despite accusations to the contrary, I am consistent with my final score choice. Maryland, 31-13.