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Maryland Minute - 9.10.13 - Edsall's First Return to Hartford

Bowl predictions, Randy Edsall Hate Week, and controversy surrounding James Franklin.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Column: Welcome home Randy? - Sports - The UConn Daily Campus
An interesting take on Edsall's pending return visit to East Hartford from the sports editor of UConn's student newspaper.

Randy Edsall Hate Week - The UConn Blog -
And over at UConn's SB Nation, they've come right out and declared it Edsall Hate Week.

James Franklin denies allegation of deleting criminal evidence -
You all probably heard about the Franklin allegations delivered by a questionable BuzzFeed report, and I wrote something for the SB Nation home page about it. In other news, I'm writing for the SB Nation home page now, for those who haven't seen that. - Pete

ESPN's Scott Van Pelt talks Terps, football and student sections with The Diamondback - The Diamondback : Blogs
Some awesome, awesome stuff from Scott Van Pelt, who sat down recently with the Diamondback. -DT

2013 bowl projections, Week 3: Does Alabama vs. Oregon still look like a title game? -
Movin' on up, to the west side. SB Nation's latest bowl prediction has Maryland playing UCLA in the Sun Bowl! WE WILL BECOME THE UCLA OF THE EAST, EVEN IF THIS IS FOOTBALL AND NOT BASKETBALL! -DT

Terps Football Improves In USA Today (Re)Rankings
Interesting to note: the people at Terrapin Station asked Paul Myerberg of USA Today where he ranks the Terps after Week 2, and he's got them at No. 48.