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More Video from Maryland Basketball's Trip to the Bahamas

More video from Maryland's trip emerges.


Via Maryland athletics, here's a video of Maryland basketball's trip to the Bahamas:

Among the highlights - a large welcoming part for Shaquille Cleare at the airport, stoic Spencer Barks on a bus, excited Varun Ram (Varun Ram!) getting off the bus, adorable Spencer Barks getting excited, and much more.

Because we love you, here's the full transcript of Barks's excitement:

"I feel like a little kid, this is embarrassing. We've got, like, there's, like, an aquarium over there, there's beaches, there's, like, I saw a sting-ray, walking in here, like, you know what I mean? There's just so much room, there's so much room for activities!"

For those that are impatient, Barks's speech starts at 1:30.

The team still has two games to play, and we'll keep you updated throughout the trip.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Thanks to Custos, we have Barks's to Dez's reaction in GIF form.