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Maryland Minute - 8.6.13 - Terps Open 2013 Football Camp

Maryland kicked off their 2013 football season yesterday with media day as the basketball team headed down to the Bahamas for a three game exhibition.

Pete Volk

Maryland Football Media Day: Live Updates As Terps Kick Off 2013 Season - Testudo Times
Check out Pete's notes and tidbits from yesterday's Maryland Media day. Lots of good info there and lots more to come.

Maryland Football First Practice Day Impressions - Testudo Times
Some additional notes from Pete after day 1 of camp.

2013 Maryland football's 10 things to know: Forget last year ever happened -
You need to check this out. SB Nation's Bill Connelly gives his long breakdown of Maryland, discussing last season and what we can expect in 2013. I think 8 wins is more likely based on Maryland's out of conference schedule, but Bill thinks 6 is more likely, but more is certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

Maryland football: Soon to be swimming with the big fish in the Big Ten - The Washington Post
Nothing against Jason Reid, but I couldn't disagree with this piece more. He clearly doesn't know about Maryland's planned upgrades to facilities, the guaranteed money they''ll be receiving to make additional upgrades, and ignores other key facts to try to articulate his point.

Maryland basketball to balance work, play on Bahamas trip - The Washington Post
Nice little primer about the basketball team, who arrived yesterday in the Bahamas and will play three exhibition games, starting today.

Torrey Smith Emerging As Offensive Leader - Baltimore Beat Down
Nice to see Torrey Smith emerging as a leader for the Ravens.

Terps plan to get some work done in their voyage to the Bahamas -

"There are seven guys right away that I feel very confident with, and both [freshmen] Roddy [Peters] and Damonte [Dodd] have been pleasant surprises. We won't play down here like we're playing North Carolina State."

Apparently Peters has really surprised Turgeon and hopefully with Shaq out, Dodd can get some work in. Can't wait to see these guys on the court this fall.

Field-goal kicking "inconsistent" at Terps' first practice -
Something that hasn't been mentioned too much is the kicking game, which was apparently inconsistent yesterday.

Notes from Maryland football media day -
Jeff Barker gives us some notes from yesterday.