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Maryland Football First Practice Day Impressions

Notes from Maryland football's first day of practice.


We were able to catch the first day of football practice for the Terps. Here are our notes:

  • In early drills before matchups, Roman Braglio, Matt Robinson and Keith Bowers particularly impressed. Yannick Ngakoue has a boatload of talent but is still raw, and got some help from coach Lyndon Johnson on technique. It's worth noting that he learned and adjusted very quickly.
  • Kicking is still an issue, as all three were inconsistent. Brad Craddock was the reverse of last year, hitting the short ones and missing long. Behind him, true freshman Adam Greene was significantly better than Brendan Magistro, who had a rough day.
  • The highlight of the day, as it Will Likely be for all practices, was the competitiveness between the wide receivers and defensive backs. Deon Long beat Jeremiah Johnson on one ball, and the next time around Johnson made a great play for the stop. Nigel King beat Dexter McDougle, who had a very nice day, and Stefon Diggs burnt Sean Davis. Also notable was Amba Etta, who may be the fastest player on the team.
  • On the defensive end of things, there were interceptions for Jarrett Ross, Davis, Likely, and Isaac Goins. Likely, in particular, impressed, making a number of good plays, and should figure into the rotation.
  • On the quarterbacking side of things, C.J. Brown had more zip on his throw but still completed less than half of his passes. Even so, that was significantly better than everyone else - Perry Hills had an alright day, but Ricardo Young, Caleb Rowe and Shane Cockerille looked rusty on the first day out. Most importantly, they all moved well - key after the injuries of last season.
  • The front seven got consistently good pressure - hard to tell whether that's because of the strength of that unit or the weakness of Maryland's line. Replacing suspended left tackle Mike Madaras was Ryan Doyle.
  • Perhaps some depth chart movement - Kenneth Goins Jr. played with the first team on goal line sets over expected starting fullback Tyler Cierski.

I'll be in the comments later today to answer specific questions.