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Profiles in Terpage: A Countdown to the Football Season: Ryan Doyle

Our series continues with a backup offensive lineman who saw action in one game last season.

We continue the series with a reserve offensive tackle.

Ryan Doyle, Sophomore, Offensive Tackle, #55




Height: 6'4"

Weight: 300

Twitter: None active that we could find

Collegiate Stats: Played against NC State last season, not much beyond that.

High School Stats (Senior Year): N/A

Recruiting Ratings: Three stars by Rivals, Scout (#93 OT), ESPN (#129 OT), 2 stars by 24/7

High School: Wake Forest-Rolesville

Hometown: Wake Forest, NC

High School Highlights:

How'd he get to College Park?

Ryan committed to the Terps in December of 2010, recruited to College Park by both Tom Brattan and Lee Hull. As a high school player, Doyle started at left tackle and helped his high school lead a proficient rushing attack that racked up over 4,000 yards his senior year, in route to advancing to the state finals. He was named all-area and all-conference as a junior and redshirted for Maryland his freshman year before serving mostly as a backup last season.


Ryan "Arthur Conan" Doyle (I personally like O'Doyle Rules).

Career Highlight:

Playing in the NC State game last season

Dream Season:

Doing a solid job backing up Mike Madaras at LT and filling in for him while Madaras is serving his two week suspension.

2013 Prospectus:

Last season, Doyle served primarily as a backup and looks like that role will continue into 2013 as Doyle appears to be #2 behind Madaras at LT as camp opens, despite Madaras' previously mentioned suspension for two weeks. Doyle is also one of the only backup linemen with any type of D-1 experience, so Madaras could potentially fill in at RT as well, should something happen to Nick Klemm, and play ahead of RS freshman Michael Dunn, since Doyle has at least seen experience playing at this level. Doyle has the potential to contribute, but if he's contributing it will likely be the result of someone else being injured on the line, which is something Maryland can ill afford this season.

Up Next:

Our next player profiles centers around a player who was considered the nation's 15th best at his position according to Scout.


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