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Position Coach Media Day Notes

Some brief notes after talking to the positional coaches:

  • Tom Brattan is confident in the O-line, and, like most, talked about how good of a job Sal Conaboy is doing. He also noted MIke Madaras's growth, both as a player and in size. When asked about which one of the walk-ons could factor into the rotation this year, he said Michael Dunn has impressed thus far.
  • Mike Locksley talked about the comfortability with the system in the second season - he said it's now less about what to do than how to do it.
  • Lee Hull said Nigel King has really impressed and should get a significant amount of throws this season. He also said Levern Jacobs and Amba Etta have impressed, and should factor in as well. He spoke of Stefon Diggs's quickness as opposed to Deon Long's speed, and how the two will be able to play off each other (and open up opportunities for King) this year.
  • Keith Dudzinski noted Abner Logan, Shawn Petty and Bradley Johnson as inside linebackers who have impressed so far.
  • Brian Stewart said they should be playing with around a six-man rotation on the D-line, and like the amount of depth they have there - although he says the linebackers are ahead of the linemen right now.
  • Andre Powell doesn't know how much of a factor Joe Riddle and Jacquille Veii will play yet, but in terms of the return game, anything can happen. Diggs, Long, Veii, Will Likely and Levern Jacobs were all names that were thrown out as possible returners, and that will be an exciting competition to watch.
  • John Dunn said that he's looking for someone in the group of P.J. Gallo, Brian McMahon, and Andrew Isaacs to stand out. It's starter Dave Stinebaugh's last year with the program, and one of them is going to need to break out and claim the job next year.
We'll have more on all this later.