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Player Interview Notes

Some brief notes from the player interview section of Media Day:

  • Sal Conaboy is very confident in the offensive line, and says the dynamic between the younger and older guys worked well. Like most, he said what has helped more than anything is the consistency in offensive systems - it's the first time he's been able to return to a playbook.
  • Evan Mulrooney says he wants to prove himself and make it into the starting five, no matter where. He said Silvano Altamirano has impressed.
  • Stefon Diggs, Deon Long, and Nigel King all talked about the different things they provide at wideout. Diggs's shiftiness, Long's speed, and King's strength were all brought up by each player, but most surprising was how big Long is. King said him and Long will be playing on the outside, with Diggs on the inside as the slot.
  • Diggs said he and Long were inseparable, even in the weight room, and that they have a friendly competition going. More intense is the competition in practice with the defensive backs, which Diggs claimed the wideouts won easily.
  • Long said he has quite a few plaques and trophies from his JuCo days, but wants to collect more at Maryland - namely, conference and national titles.
  • De'Onte Arnett wants to go out with a bang his senior year, and says his goal is to make sure Maryland fans remember him as an offensive lineman.
We'll have more later - off now to positional coaches interviews.