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TerpBag 8.27 - Discussing Wiley vs. Trimble, Diggs as a Punt Returner, and Onuaku

We answer your questions about Maryland football and basketball.

Jason Szenes


Dion Wiley and Romelo Trimble are rated similarly on many recruiting websites, generally between #25 and #50. When their college careers are over, which one do you feel will have the better college career, and why?

Tough question. Flip a coin? Both are fantastic players but it's really hard to say which will have the better college career. So much can factor into that; team personnel, how a coach uses a player, etc. It's just a really hard thing to make a prediction about before they've even stepped on campus. Before he played a minute in a Maryland uniform did anyone know Juan Dixon would become Maryland's all-time leading scorer? Did lots of fans think Mike Jones was going to be much more than he was before he stepped onto campus? So, for now, I just think it's too hard to predict. -DT


We all know how incredible Diggs is as a punt returner, but would you rather see him as solely as a WR to reduce the risk of injury?  Or does increasing his all-purpose yards help with his end of year accolades and dark horse run at the Heisman this year and next?

It's hard to say. It wouldn't be surprising to see him return less kicks than he did last year - Will Likely is more than capable and the injury risk is there - but Diggs is such a dynamic presence every time he touches the ball, so you want to avoid robbing him of those chances if you can. In terms of the end-of-year accolades and Heisman, while we may care about that, Edsall certainly does not, so don't expect that to factor into the decision. Personally, however, I'd like to see the ball in his hands as much as possible. - Pete


Any evidence point towards the Terps either continuing or giving up on their recruitment of Chinanu Onuaku?


Is the BB class done at 4 or is a 5th player in the works?

We decided to roll these into one answer. It is definitely an interesting question and one lots of fans would like to have answered. I think a lot of it depends on what Onuaku decides to do. If he came to Turgeon and co. and said he wanted to go to Maryland, I'd think they'd try to figure something out. A lot of this might have to do with the current roster - is there a player who the staff knows is likely gone after this season? Those all factor into whether Maryland is done at 4 or will continue going for a 5th player. My hunch is that they're done, unless a player has already told them they're likely leaving (transfer, going pro) after this season.


With the OL players we have, it looks like it is going to be too long of a season. Am I missing something? It doesn’t seem that we can do that well based on our situation.

It is, without a doubt, Maryland's biggest issue coming into this season. Edsall has said that he's looking for eight guys to fill out the rotation, and he hasn't found those eight yet. We know who the starters will be (Mike Madaras, De'Onte Arnett, Sal Conaboy, Mike Dunn and Ryan Doyle), and Andrew Zeller and Evan Mulrooney should contribute off the bench. But with Dunn moving inside and Nick Klemm's injury, it's up to either Jake Wheeler or true freshman Moise Larose to step up and make an impact.

Bottom line? They'll be fine, as long as no one gets hurt. They're able to gameplan around certain weaknesses with screens and the zone read, which is their offense anyway. As soon as people get tired or injured, however, there are major problems. - Pete


Anybody know who won the back up qb job? How about our starting five offensive linemen for game one? Also do we know who our starting safeties will be yet? How about the kicker?

The back-up quarterback job is still up for grabs, with Ricardo Young and Caleb Rowe competing. Young likely has the edge, due to his performance in camp and the fact that his style mirrors C.J. Brown's more closely. As we said earlier, the starting five on the O-Line will be Madaras, Arnett, Conaboy, Dunn and Doyle. The two starting safeties will be Sean Davis and Anthony Nixon, and Brad Craddock will be the placekicker. - Pete