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Maryland releases two-deep: Deon Long back, Will Likely will likely play

Deon Long is back, and a new starter arrives.

Rob Carr

Maryland released their two-deep for Saturday's game against Florida International today, with very few surprises. Of note:

  • Moise Larose and Jake Wheeler are the back-up tackles, with Nick Klemm nowhere to be found. Klemm had a minor injury last week, and it is unsure whether that is the cause for his absence. An injury update is expected later tonight.
  • Kenneth Goins, Jr. is the starter at fullback, with Tyler Cierski likely still recovering from injury.
  • Deon Long is back from his injury and on top of his receiving position.
  • Caleb Rowe and Ricardo Young are slapped with the "or" label, as the position battle at back-up quarterback has yet to be decided.
  • Larose and Will Likely are the only two true freshmen on the two-deep (excluding special teamers). Likely is Jeremiah Johnson's back-up at one of the two corner positions, and is also the back-up returner to Stefon Diggs.
  • Shawn Petty is now on the two-deep, beating out Bradley Johnson as a back-up inside linebacker.
  • Alex Walker has moved from nose tackle to defensive end and is competing with Andre Monroe for the back-up spot.
  • G.T. Harraka, one of four walk-ons who received scholarships this week, is battling for back-up time at left guard with JuCo transfer Silvano Altamirano.
  • Here's the whole chart:

The image got cut off before special teams, but Brad Craddock is the starting kicker, with Adam Greene backing him up. Nate Renfro is the punter with Michael Tart as his back-up. Greg Parcher is the starting long snapper with Joe Marchese as his back-up. Tart is the holder in front of Renfro, and Diggs is the starter at the return spots with Likely behind him.