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Report: Dez Wells Suing Xavier Over Expulsion

Maryland guard Dez Wells is suing his former school after they expelled him in 2012, according to a report from Yahoo! sports.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Xavier expelled guard Dez Wells over an alleged sexual assault charge that was later dropped? Well, according to Yahoo!, he's suing the school over his expulsion, claiming it's caused him "severe emotional distress."

The suit alleges Xavier failed to follow its own policies when deciding to expel him following a 2012 allegation of sexual assault. The local prosecutor investigated the case and not only declined to charge Wells but declared in media accounts the allegation "didn't reach anything close to a standard of proof" and "should never have gotten to the point where someone's reputation is ruined." A grand jury also declined to indict the basketball star.

The lawsuit, filed in United States District Court in Cincinnati seeks monetary compensation, as well as an overturning of the expulsion to clear Wells' name of what he calls a false accusation.

This case was really unique in that the district attorney involved in the case has repeatedly spoken out in support of Dez.

It is highly unusual, if not unprecedented, for an active, high-profile player to file a federal suit against another NCAA member institution. Adding to the uniqueness of the case, Wells' most powerful advocate is Hamilton, Ohio prosecutor Joseph Deters, who has forcefully and publicly, defended Wells and blasted Xavier's handling of the incident as "fundamentally unfair."

"If I thought [Wells] did this, he'd be in prison," Deters says in the lawsuit. "I wouldn't pull any punches."

Even the NCAA ruled in favor of Dez, allowing him to play immediately for Maryland and not forcing the then sophomore to sit out a year like NCAA transfers typically must.

We'll continue to monitor this suit as it progresses through the courts.