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Practice Notebook 8.19 - Starters Named, QBs Still in Question

Notes from yesterday's open practice.


I'm in Los Angeles for the week, so I was unable to attend yesterday's open practice. Today's notebook will be comprised of notes from other beat reporters and quotes issued in a media release.

  • As we noted yesterday, three starters have been named. At right tackle, Ryan Doyle has beat out Nick Klemm, and at safety, Sean Davis has beat out A.J. Hendy - both expected moves. The surprise came as walk-on tackle Mike Dunn has been named the starter at right guard over Andrew Zeller. Randy Edsall said the battle between Davis and Hendy was "as close as you can get".
  • On Dunn, Edsall repeated his offensive line mantra of the summer - he wants to find the "five best guys". He said Zeller is the team's third guard, and that Dunn forced his hand by playing so well. "When you sit there and assess and evaluate your talent and you see that you might have say three tackles that you feel really good about then what you have to is, or at least what I do is, look at your guard situation and say is one of those tackles better than one of the guards you have?"
  • The back-up quarterback spot is still up in the air, but Perry Hills appears to be out of the running, with Ricardo Young and Caleb Rowe the two battling it out. Edsall said nobody had really separated themselves yet, and added "I’m waiting for somebody to step up. If not, we’ll just make a week-to-week decision or situation-to-situation decision."
  • Some QB stats, courtesy of CSN Baltimore: C.J. Brown was 4-8 in 7-on-7s, with an interception given up to Hendy. Young was 8-16 for 111 yards and one interception, Rowe was 4-14 with a touchdown (four-yard fade to Nigel King, his third such touchdown in open practice/scrimmages) and an interception, and Hills was 4-4. Young and Rowe worked against the second team, with Hills against the third stringers.
  • Edsall said the offense is a bit banged up: "Too many guys with some bumps, bruises and nicks and hopefully we get some of those guys back next week as we get into preparation for Florida International. I think we’re pretty good on defense in terms of where we are from an injury standpoint. It is concerning to me from an offensive standpoint, where we’re a little bit thin, but like I said I think we’ll be getting some of those guys back real shortly. We’ll get them back and that will make us a little healthier and stronger."
  • Brad Craddock continues to be inconsistent, but Edsall is more than confident in his physical abilities. "He’s been like a tease to us a little bit. He comes out here and one day he’s not as you’d like and then he comes out the next day and hits everything, and it’s like, that wasn’t the same guy as the day before. That’s the thing; I’m trying to figure out what to do to make him more consistent."
  • C.J. Brown continues to excel, for those of you doubting his credentials: "I think C.J.’s had a very good camp. I think he’s throwing the best ball that he has since I’ve been here. He’s worked extremely hard at it. He’s doing a good job from a leadership standpoint. He’s moving well and showing no ill effects [from his injury]."
  • Will Likely continues to excel: "Will’s a competitor; Will plays bigger than his size. That’s where you really appreciate guys like Will because I think he understands what his strengths and what his weaknesses are and so he always tries to put himself in a position of strength. He’s got as much football savvy that I’ve been around as a freshman maybe ever. I just like the way he competes and how he understands everything and how he works. If we told him he had to guard a 6’10’’ guy, he’d find a way to guard him. He’d find a way to do what he had to do and that’s the thing that I think makes him so successful. For a young guy, he plays with an extreme amount of confidence, which sometimes is hard to find."
  • Levern Jacobs took reps at the X position in place of the injured Amba Etta and Deon Long, as expected. Nick Klemm also missed practice with a minor injury. Dave Stinebaugh was also spotted out wide.