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Trayvon Reed Close to Committing to Maryland?

After a lot of confusion, it appears that the 2014 center has not officially committed to the Terps.

Wait, what?
Wait, what?

On Friday evening, multiple sources on Twitter began reporting that Maryland had received their fourth basketball commitment of 2014 in the form of center Trayvon Reed (Shiloh High School, Snellville, GA).  Josh Stirn of Maryland Sports was the first to report Reed's commitment. But shortly after announcing it on twitter, Jeff Ermann announced that Reed hadn't committed:

But then Rachel Klein of Fox Sports said she confirmed that Reed had committed:

But shortly thereafter...

And shortly after that:

Wait, what? It appears that Reed is pretty set on committing to Maryland, but nothing is official yet. So while he seems prepared to join Maryland's 2014 class, he jumped the gun a little in announcing that decision Friday evening.

Jeff Ermann tries to clear everything up for us:

Everyone got that? The takeaway from all of this is that Reed seems like he is ready to commit to Maryland, but is holding off for right now, possibly because he has yet to take an official visit to the school. In the meantime, Maryland will continue pursuing other 2014 targets, such as Chananu Onuaku and Martin Geben. Hopefully we'll know soon who will become the fourth player in Maryland's 2014 class, but we're not going to find out tonight.