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Maryland Football Practice Notes 8/15: Brown Stars, Position Battles Rage

After an inconsistent offensive performance on Tuesday, Maryland put it back together, thanks to the return of their starting quarterback.

Rob Carr

Maryland had another practice open to the media yesterday, with certain position battles going on strong. Let's not waste any time getting to the recap:

  • Defensive end Zeke Riser, a transfer from Houston, did not take part in practice. Randy Edsall declined to comment, and said Riser's status would be released with Monday's injury report.
  • True freshman linebacker Derrick Hayward has switched positions, to tight end. Hayward had struggled a bit at linebacker early, and the Terps are desperate for depth at his new position.
  • The battle for the starting spot at right tackle appears to be over, even if Edsall won't admit it yet. Ryan Doyle spent the entire practice at right tackle with the first team, while Nick Klemm was relegated to left tackle on the second team. That seems to point to Klemm being the first tackle off the bench, with Doyle rounding out the starting five. "I think [Doyle]'s gotten stronger," Edsall said. "I think he's better with his technique. He understands his assignments better and he's playing a little more consistent than he has been so far."
  • Edsall expects to name a starter by the end of the weekend, as well as a backup quarterback. Ricardo Young, Caleb Rowe and Perry Hills are still competing for the position, and all three had good days on Thursday. A warning - all yardage numbers are very much estimated. Young went 5/5 for 33 yards, Hills was 5/8 with 41 yards and a touchdown pass to Hayward, and Rowe was 4/5 with 38 yards. For you Shane Cockerille fans, he was 5/5 on the day.
  • Edsall on the back-ups: "I think you're starting to see some separation there a little bit. I want to wait until after the scrimmage and see what goes on there. We still have practice tomorrow and the scrimmage. I think I'm closer to knowing who's two, three and four, but again, I'm just going to let that play out on Saturday. They're all three still fighting it out.
    "It's going to be who fits the offense best for us. We've got C.J. [Brown], and hopefully we won't have to use a No. 2. That's what my hope is. We've got to find who can be the best at running and throwing, just like C.J. C.J. can run the ball, C.J. can throw the ball and can give you a lot of different options in there you can do with him. He's had a great camp.
    "I want to find the next guy, if he has to come in, where we don't have to change the game plan. I'm looking for the guy who can do both. That's what we want out of our quarterbacks at Maryland. We want a guy who can throw the ball, but who can also make some plays with his legs as well."
  • C.J. Brown had a fantastic day, starting out 11/12, running for a 30-yard score, and finishing the day 12/19 with 80 yards through the air and 34 yards on the ground.
  • Amba Etta continues to impress in Deon Long's stead - today, he caught seven passes for 74 yards. Stefon Diggs caught four passes for 19 yards, and DeAndre Lane, Jacquille Veii, and Tejiri Erhie each had three catches. Veii also ran five times for 44 yards.
  • On the kicking end of things, it was a good day for Brad Craddock. He was successful from 21-, 28-, 35- and 42- yards out before missing a 49-yarder wide. He then took a 49-yarder from the other hashmark and nailed it. True freshman Adam Greene continued to impress, making a 21-yarder and 49-yarder (at the buzzer). He missed from 28 (when the play was called dead directly after the snap) and 42 (bad hold). At 35 yards away, Brendan Magistro missed his only attempt. "I thought Brad [Craddock] had a really good day today," Edsall said. "He was really good last night when he kicked. I think he's back in the groove. Adam Greene had a really strong day, but I think Brad's the guy."