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Profiles in Terpage - A Countdown to the Football Season: De'Onte Arnett

Our series continues with a starting guard.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

De'Onte Arnett, Senior (RS), Guard, #70




Height: 6'4"

Weight: 295

Twitter: @Terps_91

Collegiate Stats: 17 games with nine starts

High School Stats (Senior Year): 59 tackles, 13 sacks, five forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries

Recruiting Ratings: Four stars by Rivals (#93 nationally, #2 in Md., #6 SDE), Scout (#22 DE) and ESPN (#53 DE)

High School: Forestville Military Academy

Hometown: Capitol Heights, Md.

High School Highlights:

None we could find.

How'd He Get to College Park?

In his second stint as a Maryland coach, James Franklin brought in nine four-star recruits – Pete White, Caleb Porzel, Devonte Campbell, Nate Clarke, Javarie Johnson, David Mackall, Titus Till, Adrian Coxson, and De’Onte Arnett. Six of them (Coxson, Till, Porzel, Mackall, White and Johnson) have transferred. One (Campbell) graduated. One (Clarke) will be a backup, and one (Arnett) will be a starter.

Arnett came out of high school as one of the top defensive linemen in the country, trailing only super-stud linebacker and current Miami Dolphin Jelani Jenkins among prospects in the state of Maryland. He chose Maryland over Georgia, Ohio State, Penn State, and Tennessee, among many others. He was all-state in 2008 and was named the most valuable lineman at the 2008 Crab Bowl.

He redshirted his first year, and was named defensive scout player of the week three times (tops on the team). After that, there was still a lot of hope for Arnett’s future on Maryland’s D-Line that died out significantly once Arnett stopped, you know, being a member of Maryland’s D-Line.

After playing in one game on special teams in 2010, he moved over to the offensive line to help out with depth issues there, and played in only one game there. The 2011 season was his first as a full-time offensive lineman, playing in five games at guard, including a start in the season finale against NC State.

Last year, Arnett played in ten games, with nine starts, and this year he'll be moving from right guard to left.



Career Highlight:

Starting nine games last year.

Dream Season:

Arnett ends his career on a high note, staying healthy and consistent at the left guard slot.

2013 Prospectus:

De'Onte Arnett is the unquestioned starter at left guard, with JuCo transfer Silvano Altamirano and walk-on Dylan O'Connor behind him at the position. With Nick Klemm, he's also one of only two senior starters on the line.

At Media Day, Arnett expressed to me a desire to cement his legacy at Maryland this year. There is a danger that he will be thought of as a bust of a defensive lineman, and he desperately wants to make sure that Maryland fans remember him for his years as an offensive lineman.

Arnett did well last year as a starting guard, and this year has the job to himself. We've talked about Maryland's depth problems on the offensive line, but Arnett is a solid contributor at left guard who blocks against the run well and moves remarkably - his background as a defensive lineman certainly helps out there.

Up Next:

Our next player is a long-time back-up getting a full shot as a starter.


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