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Maryland Minute - 8.12.13 - Can Damonte Dodd Help Replace Alex Len's Shot Blocking This Season?

In today's Maryland Minute, we look at how Damonte Dodd could contribute to this year's team, examine Jake Layman's dominance in the Bahamas, and review several football related stories for the upcoming season.

Can Damonte Dodd help replace Alex Len's shot blocking this season?
Can Damonte Dodd help replace Alex Len's shot blocking this season?
Jason Szenes

Terps Trio: Backup quarterback, Damonte Dodd, surprising hoops stat - Baltimore Sun

The Terps are going to need a shot blocker to help make up for the loss of Len this season, and I think that’s what is going to get Dodd on the court. Whatever he gives Turgeon offensively will be considered a bonus.

I hope Dodd can contribute when it comes to shot blocking because I think that's the part of Alex Len's game that this team will be missing most this upcoming season.

Bahamas trip a sign of things to come for Maryland’s Jake Layman? | CollegeBasketballTalk
Some love for Sunshine after his dominant showing in the Bahamas.

Terps commits Wiley, Trimble to play in Elite 24 | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
Romelo Trimble and Dion Wiley will both be playing in the Under Armour Elite 24 game in NYC on August 24th.

Shawn Petty is back at linebacker for Maryland football after turn at quarterback - The Washington Post
And lets hope that's where he stays, because if we get to the point where he has to play QB again, I might jump off a cliff.

Along the Terps’ defensive line, the word of summer is ‘dominate’
Maryland's D-Line wants to dominating.

Holding the Rope in NCAA 14: Simulating the Terps Season Part 1 - Testudo Times
Pete got a copy of NCAA 2014 and is playing the season and giving a brief recap of each game. Here's what happened in the first three games.

Holding the Rope in NCAA 14: Part Two - Testudo Times
And here's the recap of the next three games of Pete's season, which went pretty much exactly how I expect the real season to go...