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Maryland Basketball: More Highlights From Bahamas

We get another highlight video from Maryland's recent trip to the Bahamas, as well as some goofy down time with the team.


Maryland basketball's recent trip to the Bahamas, which included three exhibition games against various Bahamas all-star teams, was surrounded in mystery as none of those games had radio or television coverage. Even a live online box score froze during the 1st game and never really started back up again. So for the most part, we were left in the dark about the games. But after each game was completed, stats and video highlights have been released by the school. This time, we're treated to a video of the team relaxing at the Atlantis Hotel, lead around mostly by Bahamas native  Shaq Cleare, as well as highlights from the 2nd exhibition game.

In this video, you get to see about five seconds of Damonte Dodd playing and in that brief time, he looks pretty good. He actually slimmer than what I remembered (listed as 240 lbs) and seems to run the floor pretty well. As always, take everything with a grain of salt, but I do believe he'll contribute more than some realize this season. In terms of rebounds and points, I think the trio of Shaq, Dodd and Mitchell will be fine replacing Len offensively. What Maryland will miss most from Len's departure are his two or so blocks per game and general ability to protect the paint. Hopefully Dodd and others can make up some of that lost production.

While it's hard to make too much of these exhibition games, one take away that is definite is the team had fun on this trip, which I think was the main goal Mark Turgeon set out to accomplish when they decided to go to the Bahamas this summer. Everyone got to play and contribute in these games, the team bonded and gained some good preseason experience, all while giving the staff an early look of what they can expect this season. That makes this trip a success in my book. Highlights are below: