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Randy Edsall Talks About the First Week of Camp

Maryland's head coach recaps how the Terps have fared through one week.

Patrick McDermott

We talked a little about impressions from yesterday's practice in our notebook, but here are some quotes from head coach Randy Edsall.

Edsall noted that while the offense looked better on the day, the team has steadily improved over the first week.

"I thought we got some good things done. Today the offense kind of got the better of the defense a little bit. It's still early in camp with all the installation going in on both sides of the ball. But the guys are really working hard, that's the thing I'm pleased about it. The execution has gotten better each day. The first five days we throw everything at them. After today we will start to go back and go over things. They've had a lot thrown at them. I thought they've handled it pretty well."

We'll have more on C.J. Brown on Monday, but Edsall talked a little about true freshman quarterback Shane Cockerille.

"His head is spinning, typical freshman, just like most of them out there. Shane is talented, he's got a good arm, smart, takes control of the huddle. With all the stuff we throw in, in five days, he's doing the doggy paddle, trying to stay afloat."

A key player for the Terps could be starting defensive end Quinton Jefferson, who Edsall spoke about as well.

"He had a chance to play towards the end of the year last year, he's developed more confidence and he's gotten stronger. His body is different right now. But I think he gets its, he understands what you have to do in order to be successful at this level. It's how hard you work on the field, and how hard you work in the weight room, it's doing all the little things right. His maturity and confidence level has risen for him which is good to see. He's in better condition this year than he was a year ago. I've been pleased with his progress, but he's still got a lot of work to do to get to the level that his god given ability will allow."

One true freshman who had a fantastic practice on Friday was running back Jacquille Veii, who may factor into the mix as a third down back if things go his way.

"Jacquille is having a really good camp. He's doing extremely well. I've been very impressed with him, and his ability to run the ball. He's done a pretty good job from understanding and executing all the things he's got to execute. It will be interesting to see as we get a little bit more into some of the pass game stuff in terms of protections and all those things, but he's a very talented runner."

Edsall did have to pause practice to hold a quick team meeting.

"All of our guys are very, very competitive. But when you're in situations where were thudding and not taking guys to the ground and we had one there where Cheese (Tyrek Cheesboro) went deep and Isaac [Goins] got beat, was probably frustrated he got beat, then he went in and wasn't in a position to really thud the guy up and took him down. I know injuries are part of this game and we've done a much better job this year than the two previous years. But we've got to take care of each other. When we're thudding we don't leave our feet, we don't cut block on the offensive line, and we don't take guys down. But when we go live, we're cutting and doing everything. I just brought them together and tried to remind them let's take care of each other and lets not do something foolish where someone could get hurt because someone got frustrated because they didn't make a play or whatever."

Kicking is still an issue, as the Terps continue to hope that Brad Craddock and Nate Renfro can come through on special teams.

"We were inconsistent today. Down there in the red, and tight red when we had the opportunities for field goals, the extra points were good, but then when we went out there, it's just a matter of getting them to come out here and all of a sudden there's wind, a little sunny out, might be a young lady in a bikini over there or something. They get distracted too easily. They got to come out here and think there's nothing here and they think that because the wind is blowing they have to compensate too much here. Brad's [Craddock] just got to kick the ball. He's got a good enough leg. We got to keep working between the ears. Nate's [Renfro] has been consistent. Today, when we were just warming up, he had a couple bad ones, but again the same thing, ‘Oh the wind, come on guys you're old enough now, let's stop worrying about those things, still go put the ball through the upright.'"