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Wes Brown's Car Linked to Non-Fatal Baltimore Shooting, Documents Say

More information comes out regarding Wednesday's arrest and the open case in Baltimore.

Rob Carr

Through Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun, we have a series of updates and clarifications concerning Wes Brown's cases in both College Park and Baltimore that we broke this past Friday.

Baltimore police detective Bradley Hood filed a probable cause statement stating that Brown's vehicle "was the vehicle that was involved in the shooting". This appears to be the reason why Baltimore PD was looking for Brown in College Park, and it was Hood who Brown allegedly swung at in College Park.

Hood's statement says that he spotted Brown's car and blocked it off, and then met with Brown near the 7/11 in College Park. Here is an excerpt, from Barker:

"Detective Hood told Brown he would like to bring [him] back to his headquarters for questioning about the incident that occurred in Baltimore City," the statement said. "Brown said ‘Why can’t you question me here?’ "

Brown said he wanted at least one of his parents to accompany him, but Hood said he was 19 year old and didn’t need a parent with him, according to the statement, which was filed by University of Maryland police because it was within their jurisdiction.

When Brown refused to go along with the detectives, the officers moved in closer, prompting Brown to say: "What y’all doing?" the statement said.

"Brown then swung his left arm with a closed fist attempting to strike Detective Hood while turning around. Brown then shoved Detective Hood with both hands before fleeing on foot," the statement said.

Regarding the theft and illegal wiretapping, the statement shows that Brown asked two fellow students to borrow their phone after his had died. Previous reports suggested Brown had asked a friend to borrow the phone - but it is possible Baltimore PD was not aware Brown was friends with the students in question.

Barker did great work and the whole piece is worth a read, so click on through. We'll keep you updated as more information comes in.