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Maryland Minute - 7.5.13 - Taking a Look at Terps in the Pros, Vasquez Traded

Now that we're finished celebrating America, time to refocus on all things Maryland.

Pretty sweet picture, no?
Pretty sweet picture, no?

Greivis Vasquez traded to Sacramento

Feel bad for Greivis; he had a hell of a season with New Orleans, had definitely embraced the city and team. Hope he can do well in Sacramento...

Pro Terps: Women's basketball, July 4 - The Diamondback : Blogs
The Diamondback's Phillip Suitts continues his look at the careers of a number of former Terrapins athletes embarking on professional careers in a variety of leagues. Today, it's former women's basketball players.

Tianna Hawkins finds her place in WNBA with Seattle Storm - The Washington Post
Speaking of former Terps in the pros, check out this cool story on Tianna Hawkins’s rookie season with the Seattle Storm.

Pro Terps: Baseball, July 2 - The Diamondback : Blogs
Phillip Suitts also recently took at look at former Terps who are playing professionally.

GALLEN: Dividends of Len’s time in College Park might not be visible for years on Terps - The Diamondback : Men's Basketball
I'm definitely hoping Len is the gift that keeps on giving.

Terps Trio: Maryland's NBA players, ACC relationship, 2015 local hoops recruiting -
It's like everyone decided to write about Maryland players in the pros today. Jeff Barker, Don Markus and editor Matt Bracken weigh in on Maryland's NBA players, the ACC, and 2015 hoops recruiting.

Weekly Maryland recruiting roundup -
Matt Bracken rounds up the latest Maryland Terps recruiting news.

College basketball transfers go through the recruiting wringer a second time - The Washington Post
Interesting read on the recruiting process transferring players go through after announcing their decision to seek out a new school.

GALLEN: No one should look past Terps' final year in the ACC - The Diamondback : Top Sports
I definitely agree that waaaaay too many people are sleeping on Maryland in both men's basketball and in football. I'd love to leave the ACC by capturing titles in each of those sports.