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Brown's Lawyer: Maryland Running Back Has "Done Nothing Wrong"

In an interview with the Washington Post, Wes Brown's lawyer talks more about the case.

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

Alex Prewitt continues to do phenomenal work over at the Post, and he had the opportunity to speak with Jason Shapiro, Wes Brown's lawyer and a Maryland alumnus. The whole piece is really worth a read, so please check it out.

Shapiro said the non-fatal shooting in question took place at a popular Baltimore nightclub that has had "trouble in the past". While he would not say whether or not Brown was at the nightclub, he said Brown's car was one of many leaving the scene after shots rang out.

The most telling part of the interview was what Shapiro said when Prewitt asked if he was still retained:

"I would say yes I’m still retained. Am I helping him out with the current investigation in Baltimore? Not really. The reason is there’s nothing to help him out with. He’s done nothing wrong with this investigation in Baltimore."

Prewitt is really phenomenal at his job and this is really fine work, so again, go read it. The interview merited discussion within this community, but I'd like to avoid stepping on any toes by just repeatedly quoting the story.