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Maryland Minute - 7.31.13 - Are New Football Facilities in Maryland's Future?

In today's Maryland Minute we explore whether new football facilities are in Maryland's future, discuss the football team's 2013 motto, and learn about what numbers the new basketball players will be wearing (One of them is Juaaaaaaaan-derful).

Rob Carr

Chat: ACC Coaches Chat Day 2 - SportsNation - ESPN

One of the most revealing details that came out of Edsall's participation in yesterday's ESPN Car Wash was that new football facilities are apparently in the works, which is good because as of today, Maryland has the 2nd smallest football facilities in the B1G and after Northwestern finishes their renovations, we'll be dead last. That needs to change and it appears they're working on it. We'll have more about this later today. Here's what Edsall said in the chat .

That's something that we know we have to upgrade and we're going to. We're in discussions and talks right now. We're putting together plans and renderings of new facilities. We know that for us to go and be on a competitive scale not only where we are in the ACC but moving forward to the Big Ten, we have to upgrade the facilities. We look forward to the continuing of that process and getting a shovel in the ground.

SVP & Russillo on ESPN Radio: Show in review July 30 - ESPN
Edsall stopped by SVP & Russillo yesterday during the ESPN Car Wash. Worth a listen and checking out the photo from the set, which featured three different Maryland helmets. Edsall touches on facilities in his interview, too.

Men's Basketball - Roster - Maryland Athletics - University of Maryland Official Athletic Site
Hey look, has updated their basketball roster. Time to dust off those old Juan Dixon jerseys. Two very familiar numbers are going to be work in 2013-2014 - Damonte Dodd is wearing #35 and Roddy Peters (who grew up idolizing Juan Dixon) is going to be wearing Juan's trademark #3. Big shoes to fill, guys. Oh and in case you didn't know, Evan Smotrycz is wearing #1.

Maryland football: ‘Hold the Rope’
HOLD THE ROPE is your rallying cry for 2013 Maryland Football.

Stefon Diggs, loaded receiving corps leads Maryland’s offense
Alex Prewitt continues his position by position preview and focuses on the wide receivers today.

ACC coaches concerned about ejections over targeting rule -
ACC coaches are worried about defensive players getting ejected for unintentional hits. Edsall brings up a good point in that they have to teach fundamentally sound tackling, but he's worried that someone will get wrongfully ejected and that means during road games, they'll probably have to bring an extra defensive player with them.

Recruiting notes: Pair of rising sophomores orally commit to Terps -
Maryland's men's lacrosse has landed oral commitments from a pair of rising sophomores.

The All-Big Ten Recruit Team, July edition: Michigan, Ohio State dominate -
They latest 2014 All-Big Ten Recruiting team...features no one from Maryland's class :-(
We'll get there one day, guys!