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Maryland basketball scholarship chart: Joshua Tomaic fills out 2016-17 roster

Here's how the Terps stack up, from 2016-17 to beyond.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Here is our Maryland men's basketball scholarship chart, updated ahead of the 2016 NBA Draft.

This is intended as a community database. We don't have documentation from Maryland on every player's scholarship status, so much of this chart is comprised of projections based on information as we know it. If you've got something you think we've missed or ought to add, please let us know in the comments and we'll do exactly that.

With Maryland's addition of Spanish forward Joshua Tomaic, the Terps have used all 13 of their scholarships ahead of the season. Maryland doesn't make players' financial aid situations public (nor should it), but the Terps appear to have filled all 13 NCAA-mandated scholarship slots in the offseason for the first time in what will be Mark Turgeon's six seasons in College Park.

Seniors are red, juniors are gold, sophomores are black and freshmen are a sort of off-yellow that shows up visibly on our background. This is unofficial, but it should be an accurate indicator of where Maryland stands:

Maryland basketball scholarship chart
2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
1 Damonte Dodd Melo Trimble Dion Wiley Antony Cowan
2 L.G. Gill Jared Nickens Ivan Bender Kevin Huerter
3 Melo Trimble Michal Cekovsky Anthony Cowan Micah Thomas
4 Jared Nickens Jaylen Brantley Kevin Huerter Justin Jackson
5 Michal Cekovsky Dion Wiley Micah Thomas Joshua Tomaic
6 Jaylen Brantley Ivan Bender Justin Jackson OPEN
7 Dion Wiley Anthony Cowan Joshua Tomaic OPEN
8 Ivan Bender Kevin Huerter OPEN OPEN
9 Anthony Cowan Micah Thomas OPEN OPEN
10 Kevin Huerter Justin Jackson OPEN OPEN
11 Micah Thomas Joshua Tomaic OPEN OPEN
12 Justin Jackson OPEN OPEN OPEN
13 Joshua Tomaic OPEN OPEN OPEN