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Logan Aronhalt's Top Games as a Terp: #2 - Niagara

Testudo Times takes a look back at Logan Aronhalt's top moments in his short career at Maryland.

Streeter Lecka

In the second part of our three part series, we take a look back at Logan Aronhalt's top games in a Maryland uniform. If you missed the first installment, you can check it out here.

#2 - Maryland 86, Niagara 70

It was obviously a let down for Terps fans when Maryland missed out on the NCAA Tournament this season, but possibly even more so when they were passed over for a top seed in the NIT. The Terps made due with their second seed, and took out seventh-seeded Niagara.

It wasn't easy, but after being tied at 35 at the half, the Terps pulled away in the second half thanks to a big performance from Aronhalt. The hired gun had four second half three-pointers as the Maryland was able to control the game and pull away for good.

Perhaps even more importantly in that second half, Logan had a block. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, LOGAN ARONHALT HAD A BLOCK. It was one of his four on the season.

As we and everyone else ever has noted, defense was not why Aronhalt was brought to Maryland, but damn sure if he hit five three's AND had a block, it's the number two game of his career at Maryland, despite not being his second highest scoring game.

Wait, you mean to tell me he also had one of his fifteen assists of the season in this game? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe this was number one... wait, I just checked my number one game, it's not as good as that one. Logan finished the game with 15 points, 2 rebounds, an assist and a block on 5-of-7 shooting from the field (all from behind the arc). This was exactly the type of post-season performance Aronhalt was brought here to provide.

It's just unfortunate it came in the NIT when his previous school was in the NCAA Tournament, no doubt a cruel twist of fate.